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  • What can I ask my Assistant to do?
    Your Elite Assistant can help you with just about anything. From marketing, bookkeeping, executive assistance, scheduling, campaign management work and more. Need to make travel arrangements? We’re on it. Need someone to manage your social media platforms? Sure thing. Online shopping? Done. We can do pretty much anything that can be done virtually (online, over the phone, or locally-within 50 miles of assistant's office).
  • Where is my Assistant be located?
    All Elite Virtual Assistants are USA-Based.
  • How many hours a week can I save?
    With our Elite Assistance, you can save anywhere 5 to 40 hours per week. Our Elite Assistants believe that time is of immesurable value. You’ll save even more time than your assistant clocks in as our Elite Assistants are highly trained and can efficently and effectively complete tasks quickly.
  • What if I’m too overwhelmed to train someone?
    That happens. Fortunately, our assistants are already trained in the skills you need. Of course, you will have to show them the ropes of your specific business, but the good news is that our assistants are available around the clock, to learn your unique business needs. The Elite Assistants have already done similar work for other clients, and they have a ton of experience in serving clients remotely.
  • Can I talk to someone about my unique needs?
    Of course. We’d love to chat with you. Many of our clients prefer to have a consultation before signing up. We offer a 1 hour free consultation. Ask us any additional questions you might have and talk to us about your outsourcing needs so we can make sure that you are efficiently assisted with the expertise you need and expect.
  • Can my assistant place outbound calls?
    Yes! Your virtual assistant can handle customer inquiries, set up conference calls, contact potential leads, schedule appointments, and more.
  • How do I submit tasks to my Assistant?
    Worry not! We understand that you are busy and don't always have time to spend on the phone explaing details of tasks to be completed. This is why you will be assigned an email address to forward your tasks to your assistant as you receive them and at your convenience. Your emailed task will go staight to your assistant's task list. If you prefer to speak to your assistant that's always an option as well.
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